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Research and Developments

IT Research and Development – IEEE Projects: Innovation is the key of success to compete and exist in IT industry. Due to the continuous change in IT Industry and to lead companies in discovering new products or find new scientific solutions every company uses a team called Research and development (R&D).  Graphics mind has prepared IT Research and Development projects in accordance to IEEE standards. The core areas covered are:

  •     Data Mining
  •     Neural Networking
  •     Artificial Intelligence
  •     Image Processing
  •     Networking
  •     Cloud Computing
  •     Grid Computing
  •     Mobile Computing
  •     Network Security
  •     Web Mining
  •     Real Time Surveillance Security
  •     Server Performance
  •     Distributed Systems
  •     Visual Cryptography
  •     Information Security
  •     Wireless Sensor Network
  •     Mobile Sensor Networks
  •     Ad-hoc Networks


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