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ERP Software Development

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) can maintain record and access the entire transaction of a large, mid market and small business. It is a vital organizational tool when you pitch to stay connected with every entity of the organization.  It is considered as the backbone of successful business as they can access and share the information they needed anytime and anywhere.

It's a tough job to handle all the activities and data of a big organization. With a proper ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) you can act and control your organization and employees effectively through office network or online. With graphics mind ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) you can effectively reduce the cost and make it one central flow of data in an organization.  Our ERP can manage your complete operations in product planning, development, business finance, accounting, purchasing and distribution, sales, marketing, rostering, Statistics, manufacturing operations, quality management systems, project management, training and human resources so on and so forth.
Wherever  in the world you are, we can install systems on your PC from our office. It doesn't cost a fortune as you can choose the different ERP modules as per small, big or large organization. Graphics mind ERP solution is designed to improve the flow and efficiency of your organization with its design and features. You have the option to take only those functions that you want. We will analyse and develop new features for you. Yes - we can customize for you according to your needs. And the good news - It doesn't cost you a fortune, it only improves quality of your company and better customer service and satisfaction.
Our ERP with Different modules you can choose are the following

Sales Enquiries


1.    Contact & Customers database
2.    Date base of enquiries received
3.    Constant Follow ups of enquiries.
4.    Daily reports of marketing tasks done.
5.    Email of pending marketing tasks.
6.    Email of Marketing tasks of the day
7.    Reasons for losing order
8.    Various Statistical Marketing reports



1.    Quotations entry
2.    Print/ Download/ Email Quotations
3.    Enter Sales Orders
4.    Authorize sales orders
5.    Pending Deliveries report
6.    Dispatches with Delivery Note
7.    Invoice printing
8.    Various Reports

  Service and Maintenance


1.    Customer data base
2.    Installations database
3.    Preventive Maintenance tracking warranty/
       AMC end alerts, call centre
4.    Register Break Down calls
5.    Service Details/ History
6.    Spare parts tracking



1.    Purchase Requisitions
2.    RFQ (Request for Quotes)
3.    Suppliers Quotes
4.    Quotation Comparison Report
5.    Purchase Orders
6.    Authorize Purchase Orders
7.    P.O History
8.    Suppliers pending deliveries



1.    Receipts from suppliers
2.    Enter Requisitions
3.    Authorize Requisitions
4.    Issues - Multi stores
5.    Stock Adjustments
6.    Bill of Materials
7.    Reorder Level Reporting
8.    Stock Ledger



1.    Generate Batch Numbers
2.    Production Planning
3.    Issue for consumption
4.    Manufacture Batches
5.    Inform QC Dept
6.    Enter QC results
7.    Generate Stock Qty after QC
8.    Work in progress stocks

  Job works


1.    Enter Work order details
2.    Authorize Work orders
3.    Issue stock for job work
4.    Print stock Issued note
5.    Report of pending Job work Delivery
6.    Return after Job work
7.    Full Tracking of stock and balance quantities with Job worker

  Work Orders


1.    Enter Work Orders
2.    Authorize work orders
3.    Enter Work order details
4.    Authorize work orders
5.    Enter work order completion
6.    Payment Adjustments
7.    Print Payment authorisation.



1.    Journal Vouchers
2.    Authorize Journal Voucher
3.    Bank / Cash Books
4.    Bank Reconciliation
5.    Cost Centers.
6.    Trial Balance.
7.    Profit & Loss statement
8.    Balance sheet.

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