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Web Analytics Services

Once you have done with the web design, web development, SEO, online ADs you may eager to know what is the progress or achievement of the website. How is it possible to know who are watching my website, which browsers, which platforms and operating system? How to know my page views and the number of browsers leaving without connecting my other pages? How do I know to improve my website to the next level? Where are my website having drawback and which are they? And so many others are there to know to keep improving the website.
    A website is a sleepless employee who keeps talking and displaying and promoting your business or information 24/7 around the globe. So he needs to be guided and improved where the pages are lacking its technological defaults. How can all these achieved? That is why we need to analysis or monitor our website performance every time. There are many mentors available to guide our website to take your website to enormous possibilities to become more professional and quality website. There are open source and paid analysis tool available today in this market. The most favourite open source monitor with millions of websites under radar is Google analytics. There are different kinds and methods of web analytics- on site web analytics and off-site web analytics. Offsite web analytics are used to know about the activities regardless you own a website. On site web analytics is a complete measuring of the performance of your website in spite it is you own or you maintain to track and achieve the improvement of a site.

Every website should have a web analytics tool to know:
  •  How many unique visitors are for the website?
  •  How many different locations are browsing the website?
  • What is the bounce rate of the website?
  • What is the website performance with different browsers, platforms and operating system?
  • How much did they spend on my website?
So if you don't know or want to know about your website performance, let us know to help you to guide. Graphics mind can help you to understand the web analytics in details so that you can measure your website by yourself.

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